NBG Nouschirvan Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Nouschirvan Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Never stop growing
Never stop growing

About us

NBG Nouschirvan Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in Hamburg in 2008 – and has remained true to its motto of „never stop growing“ from the start. We focus on three main areas: investments in and partnerships with outside companies, property development and management and management consultancy in the liner shipping sector.

We offer our clients...

… numerous years of experience and a strong global network. Our business connections stretch from Europe to the USA and South America as well as Russia and various countries in West Africa.

We are looking for...

… new alliances, partnerships and further investment opportunities. An innovative concept and a strong team are among our main requirements for cooperation.

Holdings and partnerships

Holdings and partnerships

Our company also invests in other companies, or enters into appropriate partnership agreements.

We invest in a variety of companies in different sectors of the economy. The same applies to partnership agreements, where our partner companies always have one thing in common: an innovative concept and a strong team.

Our holdings and partnerships focus on the following key areas: transport and shipping, urban mobility and technology, commerce, finance and online marketing.



Parking spaces for electric cars

NBG Finance

NBG Finance

Mezzanine loans, securities trading and financing proposals

NBG Immo

NBG Immo

Property developer for rental and owner-occupied flats

T.W.S. Deutschland GmbH

T.W.S. Germany GmbH

Shipments to West and Central Africa

VAGIV Vereinigte Angestelltenhilfe e.V.


Consolidated employee support

Floatility GmbH

Floatility GmbH

Next generation shared e-mobility

Van Uden Holding B.V.

Van Uden Holding B.V.

Transport, logistics and shipping



We act as consultants to liner shipping companies, drawing on our many years of practical professional experience and a strong global network. We offer specialist consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Commercial trade management
  • Conducting and moderating sales meetings
  • Acquisition of and negotiations with strategic partners, leading to the conclusion of partnership agreements
  • Representing and presenting the company at events and trade fairs
  • Developing market and competition strategies and enhancing the growth strategy
  • Financing and budget planning
  • Optimising ship utilisation


Parwis Nouschirvan

  • Born in Hamburg on 28 February 1964
  • Qualified shipping and maritime agent
  • More than 20 years‘ experience in the liner shipping sector, including at Hapag Lloyd in New York and Hamburg, Contship Container Line in Hamburg and Peter Döhle Schifffahrts-KG in Hamburg.

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